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CLI/MLI - Precision is the key
Many of the MRTDs, ECCs, e-NIDs etc. have a CLI or MLI as additional security feature. Additional means that various security features may be applied to both sides of the documents (like CLI/MLI or micro lettering/latent image). No matter how many security features are finally selected, it is important that all features are precisely applied and match the front and backside print image. All these features consisting of different materials like PC-foils, holograms, kinegrams, threads etc. need to fit to each other and have to be positioned along with the prelam. This is almost impossible when using a traditional production process with sheet laminators.

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Industrial Production of e-NID cards
In the near future, Germany and many other European counties will implement Electronic National ID Cards as a result of the "Schengen" Treaty.

Key decision makers are evaluating who of the future ID suppliers is able to meet the production requirements for such a complicated, multi-layer card made of PC material including laser foil, CLI or MLI and other security features?
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RFID was the Gold-Winner of the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing
One of the most important features for Olympia was that the tickets were counterfeit-proof. The World Cup Soccer in France showed how disastrous an event can be when tickets are easily forged. The solution to stop counterfeiting is RFID which can carry important information such as event, date, as well as seat number and cannot be easily duplicated. There are various manufacturing aspects that help make an e-ticket counterfeit-proof. Three important aspects that Melzer pays very close attention to are chip, material handling and testing procedures. As the chip stands out from the rest of the ticket, the machine surrounds it with a compensation layer so that the chip cannot be found or intentionally destroyed. An additional benefit of this process is that tickets run through the mechanical personalization process more smoothly.

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