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Revolutionary Inlay Production for e-Covers

melzer_m4_srgbAt Drupa 2012 MELZER demonstrated a fully automatic production line (M4) for e-cover inlays based on plated antennae including lamination process. The selective antennae testing and chip connection by soldering process ensure highest yields and quality within the production process.

Furthermore the most advanced RFID label converting line SL-600 was presented. With up to 60,000 products/h this machine is specifically designed for industrial production of small sized RFID labels like required for alcohol brand protection, pharmaceutical fraud protection, vehicle identification and other high quality mass applications . Due to the fact that only 100% functional and tested products are suitable for these applications, MELZER´s patented inline selection is a must for cost-efficient production. The growing complexity of label structures and sensitive materials require a smooth and controlled production process. Even the testing and selection of UHF transponders can be performed reliably in a 6-track stop and go process.


MELZER ´s modular machines are used to manufacture highly precise and very sophisticated multi-layer products for the pharmaceutical, automotive, telecommuni-cation, microelectronic, public transport, printing and many other industries. Specifically, machines for the production of plastic cards, smart cards, RFID cards and inlays, e-NID cards, e-passports and e-visa-stickers complete MELZER ´s range of products.

The fully automated card production process offers all advantages to meet the increasing challenges in respect to accuracy, material handling, security processes and lamination parameters. This unique industrial production process includes collating, lamination, punching and testing of the cards supervised by only one operator. Minimum space and energy consumption of the equipment are additional economic benefits which guarantee lowest per unit costs and continuous high quality.

“Best in class” also applies for MELZER’s equipment for the production of smart labels, smart tickets and smart tags, i.e. for the RFID paper converting market. With the company´s patented production technology a MELZER machine is capable of producing up to 60,000 tested products per hour - including removal of defective RFID components from the converting process. Highest automation, highest precision and outperforming converting speed guarantee superior products at lowest production costs.

MELZER ´s worldwide success is the motivation to continuously improve quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness of its products, while achieving higher levels of performance. Anticipating the latest developments and doing whatever it takes to serve customer’s needs is Melzer´s mission.

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