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Holder pages

The new e-passport has got a data page in which ICAO-compliant electronics are laminated. Today, MELZER lines are busy with the live industrial production of these “holder pages”. 

Suitable electronics can be prepared on MELZER M4 systems to be integrated into materials to form so-called “prelams”, which can be bought on the market. The RFID inlay prelam (usually made of polycarbonate layers) undergoes a hot lamination process and is firmly joined with other material layers like print images, laserable foils, CLI/MLI characteristics etc. Of particular importance is not only the precise gathering of the very thin plies, but also to laminate them in the shortest possible cycle time so as not to damage the sensitive and expensive electronics (IC and antenna). 

The patented lamination process of MELZER, having a lamination time of less than 1 minute, meets this technical challenge. Finished and tested holder pages come out of the line in a format that can directly be processed in existing commercial e-passport production lines.





The integration of RFID inlays into the e-cover page of a passport is another configuration that MELZER production lines currently produce within a live industrial production facility. Combining one or several M4 systems with subordinated production units result in a continuous production line in which raw materials are processed to a ready RFID cover blank. 

The modular system of MELZER offers the flexibility to create convincing and reliable production solutions for customer-defined requirements.