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Today MELZER offers flexible production solutions for the next generation of multiple ID and security documents that, according to ICAO standard, are provided with contactless technologies.

Thanks to the modular and compatible design of each machine series, individual solutions can be created out of the existing components. This not only saves development time, but makes each MELZER production line a reliable and future-proof investment.

Whether e-passport, e-NID, e-driving licences or e-visa sticker – all RFID documents have an inlay that can be produced on MELZER M4 machines.


Have a closer look at the individual applications:




For e-passport holder page production, e-NID cards and all other RFID data carriers made of plastic and being in ID-1, ID-2 and ID-3 format, the MELZER card lamination line offers the ideal production environment. Short cycle times are easy on materials and electronics and the highest precision and process stability ensure an absolutely reliable production of high-end RFID products.

Also for producing e-passport covers and e-visa stickers MELZER offers special solutions that can be adjusted to the requirements.

Security features for ID Documents

Laminating belt consists of several welded segments

Customized belt with state-of-the-art Security Features

Precise guidance and positioning of sandwich by pins (male & female)