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Large quantities of RFID inlays for high-profile applications have already been produced on MELZER M4 systems worldwide: e-Passports, NID cards, contactless credit cards and RFID-cards for public transport.

Various technologies are available for inlay production. Wire, etched, plated or even printed antennae may be used.

The MELZER M4 system offers very powerful wire embedding, punching, pick & place and connecting tools for each of these production steps.

Due to the standard requirement of a card lifetime of up to 10 years, the highest attention has been given to the quality and durability of the connection between antenna and chip module.

For this requirement MELZER designed a new patented connecting technology – thermo-compression soldering.


This new process creates an intercrystalline composition without weakening the antenna at the connecting point. At the same time mechanical strength, electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance are maintained at the highest level – this makes the process different from the usual thermo-compression welding.