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Production of Dual Interface Cards

MMELZER offers complete and high-quality solutions for dual interface card production: Digital production of antennae on MELZER M4 systems, the fully automatic card lamination line and the MELZER MI-6000 for milling and implanting of dual interface chip modules.

The antenna made of digitally laid copper wire (M4) offers a solid basis for each following production step. The electrical properties of the wire remain constant, the smaller conductive path allows a perfect lamination and the wire can be contacted and connected better than etched or printed antennae.

The precise positioning of the materials and the patented lamination process of the card production line ensure highest precision, reduce the process-inherent material shrinkage and guarantee a constant card thickness.

The MELZER MI-6000 refines these high-class card bodies to a dual interface card. After the module cavity has been milled out, the antenna ends (bumps) are uncovered by a second milling tower followed by the precise dispensing of conductive glue and implanting of the chip module. Subsequently each card undergoes a careful check and additional tests as to its function.