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More and more, barcode and magnetic tape applications have been replaced by RFID technology. This development also leads to decreasing transponder prices, which again encourages the use of RFID products. All over the world RFID technology has become common in public transport, access control, goods protection and logistics.

Compared to barcode and magnetic tape applications RFID technology is more reliable, more robust against dust and dirt, almost maintenance-free and much faster. These advantages compensate for the higher transponder costs.

However, there is an inherent, process-related defect rate in transponder production, which the RFID product supplier needs to eliminate by sorting out defective transponders before adding them to his products. This must be accomplished as the market demands 100% functioning products.

From long experience manufacturing plastic and chip card production equipment, the same requirements and determining factors have already been known to MELZER. Manufacturing RFID products like self-adhesive labels on reels requires a new, efficient solution. 

The Machine Concept

The patented transponder defect identification and removal before application to the substrate is the fastest and most economic solution available on the market. In a fraction of a second, a defective transponder is eliminated and immediately replaced by a functioning one (see diagram).

This not only saves time and materials – most of all it is the only system on the market that is able to reliably produce continuous products. Luggage tags or continuous tickets – where a subsequent removal and replacement of defective products is not possible – are fully and automatically produced on just one machine.

Also, compared to a later, off-line selection on another machine (which takes approx. 10–20 seconds per defective transponder) the patented process offers extreme time savings with concurrent lower material and investment costs. Constant low web tension, minimum material deflection and the exit RFID reader ensure that applied inlays are processed with utmost care and remain functional.

Take the competitive advantage by choosing the market leader in RFID production lines.

Various machine options are available

With an output of up to 10,000 smart labels/h, the SL-100 production line is the ideal machine for successfully accessing the RFID market.

Highest flexibility, lowest investment cost and the patented transponder selection system secure advantages against the competition. 

The SL-400 multi-track version with up to 40,000 smart labels/h is ideal for the fast and economical production of larger volumes. Of course you can upgrade the SL-100 to 4-track production at a later stage. 

Both machines are also available as ticket production lines (ST-100/ST-400), i.e. for manufacturing RFID cards or other non-self-adhesive products.

On the ticket lines, an additional compensation layer between the two substrate webs ensures the protection of the IC module. Thus the cards have an even surface that can be personalised by thermal printers. At the same time, the RFID inlay is protected and more resistant to mechanical stress. As a matter of course the combination of smart label and smart ticket production lines (STL-100/STL-400) is also available in single or multi-track version. 

Have a closer look at the individual applications: