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SL – Production Lines for Smart Labels


The Smart Label Production Line SL-100 ensures a successful entry in the RFID label market.

The patented transponder selection system, an output of up to 10,000 smart labels/h and the modular design establish the cost-effective and flexible basis.

The multi-track version SL-400 processes up to 4 individual transponder reels in parallel. With an output of up to 40,000 smart labels/h alone, the SL-400 is one of the fastest machines on the market. The integrated transponder selection process, however, makes it the most cost-effective and fastest of all – and is the basis for its outstanding market position in comparison to all other machine solutions.

Defective transponders are being detected and replaced in a fraction of a second. This ensures that only functioning transponders are being used in further processing.



With the new SL-1 Smart Label Machine MELZER extends its range of products for converting RFID products.

Converting self-adhesive label stock and wet inlays to 100% good RFID labels has never been that simple, so flexible and economic. With a web width of 250mm and a maximum inlay width of 150mm the MELZER SL-1 covers all current as well as future products, including A4-size products. Precise servo-drives, accurate inline RFID readers, powerful punching units, reliable matrix removal systems and full process control ensure security of production and investment. 

With a speed of 7,000 products/h the MELZER SL-1 is perfectly matching current market demands. The flexibility of the modular machine ensures fastest job changes, lowest tooling costs and lowest costs of ownership. The MELZER SL-1 is the first choice for a successful start into the RFID business or for extending capacities with the market advantage of shipping 100% good products. 

Like the world leading SL-100 and SL-400 machines with the patented inline selection technology, the MELZER SL-1 also excludes defective RFID inlays before they are attached to the substrate. The MELZER SL-1 can be extended by further machine modules anytime, so that additional equipment, more functionality and new features can be seamlessly integrated into an existing machine.



STL – Production Lines for Smart Tickets/Labels

Of course, the combination of smart label and smart ticket production lines is available as the versatile STL in single or multi-track version, also equipped with the patented transponder selection and compensation layer technology.