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ST – Production Lines for Smart Tickets/Tags

ST machines are the economical alternative to contactless plastic cards. RFID cards made of paper offer the same advantages, but thanks to the considerably lower costs they can even be used for short-term applications (e.g. in public transport).

As the only supplier worldwide of the patented transponder selection process, MELZER is also the only supplier to offer the option to compensate the thickness of the IC module by a filling layer. Thus the cards have an even surface that can be personalised by thermal printers. At the same time the RFID inlay is protected and more resistant to mechanical stress.

With the ST-100 and an output of up to 7,000 smart tickets/h MELZER offers a reasonably priced version that provides a high value solution for accessing the RFID market.

The ST-400 has an output of up to 24,000 smart tickets/h and is an excellent solution for the cost-effective production of high volumes.

The modular system does not only offer the option to produce different formats, but also a later upgrade from ST-100 to ST-400 is possible.

STL – Production Lines for Smart Tickets/Labels

Of course, the combination of smart label and smart ticket production lines is available as the versatile STL in single or multi-track version, also equipped with the patented transponder selection and compensation layer technology.