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The automotive sector is a market segment of extremes. Extremely thick or thin materials and extremely high cost-control pressures are significant for this demanding market.

MELZER production lines all over the world are producing precision products for the automotive sector every day. Highly precise die-cuts made of heat conductive or isolating materials, sealing materials, silicone, elastomers, plastics, textiles, compound materials, metal foils, acrylic foam, paper and cardboard are successfully converted – non or self-adhesive.

The synchronised production process of a MELZER line not only takes care of the required precision but also permits the use of particularly thin or thick materials.

Material thicknesses of 30µm up to 1000µm in connection with budget-priced flat-bed dies offer highest flexibility with lowest per unit cost. 

Low material demand for set-up allows the economic production of small batches and the converting of high-value materials. 

Another MELZER specialty is laminating the most different materials that can be worked on in different levels before. Possible options are printing, punching, perforating, sealing, stamping, embossing, folding, creasing, slitting and sheeting. The machine configuration can be changed by the operator at any time.