Innovative Machinery Solutions since 1956

Extreme flexibility, short set-up times and utmost precision characterise the MELZER modular system. From compact label production lines to complex production lines for telephone cards – all MELZER machines consist of a basic machine and a choice of more than 80 different modules.

Die-cuts, tickets, magnetic data carrier (parking tickets, boarding passes), self-adhesive labels, horticultural and hanging labels, self-adhesive articles, tags, folded boxes and telephone cards are only a few examples of products that are produced every day on MELZER production lines all over the world.

However, all these products have one thing in common – due to their characteristics they cannot physically or economically be produced on rotary equipment. Material thicknesses of 30µm up to 1000µm in connection with budget-priced flat-bed dies offer highest flexibility with lowest per unit cost.



Low material demand for set-up allows the economic production of small batches and the assembly of high-value materials. Products with the most intricate production processes, demanding materials and highest technical requirements are an ideal candidates for using a MELZER production line.

The modular design is a solid and future-proof basis for special machines made of proven components for your individual needs.

The very high vertical integration at MELZER allows the MELZER team to quickly conceive, engineer and produce customized modifications or special constructions in-house.

More than 60 years of experience make MELZER your competent partner for flexible and highly precise production solutions.