Innovative Machinery Solutions since 1956

Melzer Maschinenbau GmbH is a medium-sized business, which has been family-owned since 1956 and is now managed by the third generation. We focus on long-term cooperation with our employees and are thus constantly expanding our knowledge and competence. The long average length of service of our employees, of which we are very proud, contributes to secure our in-house expertise.

At MELZER, the customer and customer satisfaction are always at the centre of attention. We offer our customers high quality precision machines, which are developed and manufactured in-house and assembled with utmost care. 

The modular design of the machines allows us to meet and to respond to special customer requirements. Our continuous improvement strategy towards a zero-defect rate is successfully implemented and pursued every day by our employees.



In this way we perfect our machines and offer all customers the best possible production solutions with MELZER's modular designs. The high flexibility of the production lines enables us to meet even the most complex customer requests, to optimise the production processes and generate a win-win situation.

Due to very low reject rates during the manufacturing processes and later at our customers’ production facilities, we protect our environment in the long run. The environmentally friendly, sustainable production methods of our machines and the considerate handling of natural resources already contribute today to the long-term protection of our environment of tomorrow.

The rock-solid and modular construction according to German engineering tradition guarantees the longevity of the machines, which can be adapted to future customer requirements at a later date.