Innovative Machinery Solutions since 1956

For more than 60 years MELZER has been serving customers with tailor-made solutions. Flexibility, reliability, experience and competence ensure that customer requirements are turned into high quality machines meeting customers’ expectations.

Design, manufacturing and assembly of machines, parts and components are done in-house to the highest standards. Combined with the company’s flexibility this enables MELZER to quickly analyse special requirements and turn them into high quality solutions.

The modular designed machines are being used to manufacture highly precise and very sophisticated multi-layer products for the pharmaceutical, automotive, microelectronic, public transport, printing and many other industries.



Specifically but modular designed machines for the production of plastic cards, chip cards, RFID cards and inlays, NID cards, e-passports, e-visa-stickers and RFID labels complete MELZER’s range of products.

The worldwide success of MELZER is the motivation to continuously improve quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness of MELZER products, while achieving higher levels of performance. Anticipating the latest developments and doing whatever it takes to serve customers’ needs is MELZER’s mission.