Innovative Machinery Solutions since 1956


Inline: Innovative and automated production solutions
for high-security identity documents

MELZER is the worldwide leading supplier of Inline Production Systems (IPS) for producing high-security identity documents. In close cooperation with our customers we develop and manufacture tailor-made and innovative solutions, from a single machine or machine module up to a fully automated production line. The modular design of our machines caters for flexible adjustment and the possibility for extension to meet ongoing and future standards of the ID industry.


Production: Highest efficiency and production quality
with optimised labour utilisation

Compared to the common machine- and labour-intense sheet lamination the fully automatic inline process ensures an extremely efficient production. Permanent process control with checking and visualising of real-time information and data provides an ongoing survey of the current production flow. If necessary corrective action can be taken at any time and, thanks to short cycle times, the effectiveness of the measures taken can be assessed immediately. This is the only way to ensure a constantly high and reproducible product quality.


System: Systematic data collection and traceability

Compared to the common sheet lamination process with individual production steps and semi-finished products, the combination of individual machine modules to an inline production process allows a simple, uninterrupted, and permanent (re-)traceability of the ID documents produced. 

Thanks to the collective system of secure, customised and continuous data recording, data transmission and integrated process control a zero balancing of the documents produced is guaranteed at any time.