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High Speed Production Equipment for the World of RFID Products


More than 60 years of experience in producing ticket, tag and Iabel presses, combined with MELZER's competence in IC and RFID cards, made MELZER create the Smart Label Machine Series.

Excluding inevitable defective inlays in fractions of a second and only applying tested products is the one and only solution to guarantee 100 % good products at the highest speeds possible. Luggage tags and continuous products, where a replacement of a defective product is virtually impossible, can be delivered with guaranteed functionality. 

Important for a proper inspection of RFID inlays are stable and constant process parameters, independent of the machine speed or product length.The defined position of the inlay during inspection, combined with adequate shielding of RF radiation, guarantees reproducible inspection results, even of multiple inlays across the web (exactly like during the manufacturing process of inlays).


Making the production process safe and reliable requires not only expertise in material handling, it also requires experience in handling electronics and a process that is absolutely reproducible. Constant low web tension, only a minimum number of large deflecting rollers and a straight and short web path ensure that the IC on the inlay does not separate from the antenna or cracks. At the same time electro-static charging is reduced to a minimum and balanced by ESD systems. 

Punching of the converted material is carried out after material transport and positioning, which excludes format variations and ensures highest print-to-inlay and print-to-die-cut accuracies.

Further process control features like exit RFID test, matrix monitoring of removed labels and auto­matic web guides complete the safe, accurate and repro-ducible process of selecting and converting inlays at industry leading speeds.