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10 Layers and more

In the field of ECC, e-NID and e-driver licence highest standards are set in respect to material, security technology, personalization, long-life cycle etc.

This increasingly features PC as durable and laserable material. Of course prelams and printed materials come in sheets. 

However, in order to match the ISO thickness of the documents in total, the additional foils used have to be much thinner. Partially such thin PC-foils even have a printed security feature. The biggest problem though is the collation with sheets in synchronized speed.

MELZER found the ideal solution for gathering sheet and reel materials. It allows to precisely fix the thinnest PC-foils coming in reels to the prelaminated and printed sheets. This is done with an accuracy of 0.1–0.2 mm tolerance. Unthinkable for sheet collating. This method is supported by our patented lamination process. 8 small flat-bed laminators are heated to < 200°C and 4 small flat-bed laminators subsequently cooled down to 20°C within only 30 seconds (PC-material). These 12 small laminators transport the PC-material via endless lamination belts. Register pins ensure the precision during and after the lamination process. 

This is how the latest industrial production technology of MELZER looks like.