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CLI/MLI – Precision is the key

Many of the MRTDs, ECCs, e-NIDs etc. have a CLI or MLI as additional security feature. Additional means that various security features may be applied to both sides of the documents (like CLI/MLI or micro lettering/latent image).

No matter how many security features are finally selected, it is important that all features are precisely applied and match the front and backside print image. All these features consisting of different materials like PC-foils, holograms, kinegrams, threads etc. need to fit to each other and have to be positioned along with the prelam. This is almost impossible when using a traditional production process with sheet laminators.

The MELZER production process, however, precisely gathers all these materials by using ultrasonic spot welding and register holes. The two endless lamination belts were preprocessed and already have the desired structure. The lower lamination belt carries the register pins gearing into the register holes of the material. To ensure the precise position, the upper lamination belt has got suitable holes to fix the material during the lamination process when the structures on the lamination belts are transferred to the documents with an unsurpassable precision of 0.1–0.2 mm tolerance. 

This easy can a highly complicated industrial production process be. The preprocessing of the lamination belts is done by VTT acc. to the customer's specification.