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Industrial Production of e-NID cards

In the near future, Germany and many other European counties will implement Electronic National ID Cards as a result of the ”Schengen“ Treaty. 

Key decision makers are evaluating who of the future ID suppliers is able to meet the production requirements for such a complicated, multi-layer card made of PC material including laser foil, CLI or MLI and other security features? MELZER has approached this matter and offers a solution for industrial mass production by its in-line production system. 

The key to success is the secure assembly of a card constructed from a combination of sheet materials and various continuous web materials made of PC or other durable materials. 

In the unique Melzer production system, sheets containing with reference marks (so-called T-marks) are cut into strips in a sheet feeder and subsequently placed onto material coming from reels. This material web is ultrasonically fixed into position for further processing in the laminator - a fully automated process with no manual intervention required. 

With this process, the PC material sandwich is only laminated for 20–30 secs. at 180–200°C. 

This patented lamination technology ensures a gentle handling of the electronics (ICAO inlays) and other security features like ink, security thread etc. 

Thanks to the modular system, control stations or card inspection systems can be integrated as well. 

A number of Governmental enterprises are our reference customers for this large-volume production solution.