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Superior equipment for the production of ID documents

At TRUSTECH 2017, Cannes (28.11.–30.11.2017), MELZER will present its solutions for the production of high-end ID documents.

MELZER’s unique Inline Production System (IPS) fully automatically integrates DOVIDs, windows and other...

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At Labelexpo 2013 MELZER presented the most advanced RFID Label Converting Line SL-600.

With up to 60,000 products/h this machine is specifically designed for industrial production of small sized RFID labels like required for alcohol brand protection, pharmaceutical fraud protection, vehicle...

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At Cartes & IDentification 2012, Paris (6–8 November 2012) MELZER demonstrated a high-speed production for low-cost RFID plastic cards, which is quite different from the established MELZER solution for MRTD production.

MRTD products like e-NID cards or driving licences, border crossing documents...

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At Drupa 2012 MELZER demonstrated a fully automatic production line (M4) for e-cover inlays based on plated antennae including lamination process.

The selective antennae testing and chip connection by soldering process ensure highest yields and quality within the production process.


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At Cartes & IDentification 2011, Paris  (15–17 November 2011) MELZER demonstrated the advanced inlay production line M4.

The inlays produced include compensation foil and can subsequently be processed on our fully automatic lamination line for industrial production of e-NID cards in ID-1 format or...

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