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The new German ID card is part of a highly complex, secure ID system that was born from the efforts of many different stakeholders. This innovation was made possible bei Bundesdruckerei’s co-operation with its strong partners.

We would especially like to thank those companies who, as close...

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After the successful deployment of RFID-Tickets during the Olympic Games 2008 in China the next big application approaches. As of 1 May 2010 Shanghai will be in the public eye.

Themed ”Better City, Better Life“ the World Exposition will take place here from 1 May to 31 October 2010. Millions will...

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On 23 February 2010 the start-up meeting for the research project ”Development of Modular In-Mould Transponders (MIT)“ took place in Neumünster, Germany. This project has been launched at the beginning of 2010. 

It’s target: Until the end of October 2011 the participating partners intend to develop...

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The next few years will decide on who will take part in the race for the next generation of MRTDs. The general question must be answered by the management. 

Do we have suitable equipment for the production of these PC- or PET-G based products? Has our competition already purchased better equipment...

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In the field of ECC, e-NID and e-driver licence highest standards are set in respect to material, security technology, personalization, long-life cycle etc.

This increasingly features PC as durable and laserable material. Of course prelams and printed materials come in sheets. 

However, in order...

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