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States around the world rely on solutions by MELZER maschinenbau to produce highly secure ID documents.

For 60 years, MELZER maschinenbau has been manufacturing individual production solutions in Schwelm, North Rhine-Westphalia. The third generation of the family owned business focuses on solutions for RFID transponders and identity cards and enables the production of the most secure documents in the world.

Dirk Melzer, Technical Director Sales, MELZER maschinenbau, in an interview with ”RFID im Blick“

A family business with a strong history of innovation Client-oriented business is a strong tradition for MELZER: In the seventies, the company became one of the leaders in application-specificsolutions for parking ticket and label printing. In the eighties, the equipment was expanded with modules for plastic card production.

The sector grew organically from label production. Our experience in production solutions provided us with an advantage, especially for clients looking to get into the market. Above all, ourhigh product and production quality was and is difficult to copy“, Dirk Melzer says. From plastic card production it was only a small step to solutions for RFID cards, which became more prevalent in the nineties. At German trade fair Drupa 2000, MELZER presented their first smart label machine. Since then, smart labels and other RFID solutions have been an integral part of the companies modular solutions portfolio.

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