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RFID was the Gold-Winner of the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing

One of the most important features for Olympia was that the tickets were counterfeit-proof. The World Cup Soccer in France showed how disastrous an event can be when tickets are easily forged.

The solution to stop counterfeiting is RFID which can carry important information such as event, date, as well as seat number and cannot be easily duplicated. There are various manufacturing aspects that help make an e-ticket counterfeit-proof. Three important aspects that Melzer pays very close attention to are chip, material handling and testing procedures. As the chip stands out from the rest of the ticket, the machine surrounds it with a compensation layer so that the chip cannot be found or intentionally destroyed. An additional benefit of this process is that tickets run through the mechanical personalization process more smoothly.

The second aspect is that the customer is free to choose from many different types of material. For example, water-proof Tyvek material and various other standard and special materials with or without thermal coating can be used and processed smoothly Melzer machines. This flexibility allows customers to choose the amount of security and durability they require.

The third and probably the most economically important aspect is testing. The materials used for the ticket body are not inexpensive. To ensure that every card is functional, Melzer's patented procedure rigorously tests all electronics before they are embedded. The e-tickets are also tested after the manufacturing process ensuring highest functional yield rates possible, especially for continuous products like fanfold tickets or baggage tags, where a replacement of a defective product is impossible.

The e-ticketing machines of this company can process various formats, materials, and manufacturing procedures making them extremely flexible. By simply changing the reader the frequency testing can be changed from HF to UHF should it be required. Depending on the amount of tickets needed, the machine can have one or four tracks. With the four track machine any combination from one to four is possible with up to 40,000 tested and approved products per hour being produced when all four tracks are running.

E-ticketing has enormous potential. The Moscow metro alone projects its usage at 360 million tickets per year. Other events such as various world cups, racing, or even concerts have either already used this technology or are potential users of it. E-ticketing definitely has a future and Melzer is part of it.