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The changing face of card production

The next few years will decide on who will take part in the race for the next generation of MRTDs. The general question must be answered by the management.

Do we have suitable equipment for the production of these PC- or PET-G based products? Has our competition already purchased better equipment for the industrial production of MRTDs?

Ask these questions and make sure that you will take part in the race. 

We offer industrial production equipment for years and your competition may already employ it. The key to success is the secure assembly of a combination of sheet materials and various continuous web materials made of PC or other durable materials. These materials undergo a hot lamination process, which takes less than one minute. This is our answer to the challenge of producing MRTDs. 

MELZER offers industrial production lines for:
>  e-Passports (Holder Page made of PC)
>  e-ID Cards (ICAO Standard)
>  e-Driving Licences
>  Health Insurance Cards
>  Smart and Dual Interface Cards

Furthermore we offer fully or semi-automatic production lines for: 
>  Inlays for e-Passports (Cover Page version)
>  Inlays for e-Passports (PC Holder Page version)
>  Inlays for e-Cards made of PC materiale-Visa Sticker (with integration of security sheets)